LG Action CAM LTE is competitor for GoPro


So guyz it was back when HTC introduced the Re Camera, the company was quick to distance itself from being a GoPro competitor. Mostly because the Re Camera wasn’t anywhere near as hardcore as the GoPro, but also because GoPro does what it does so well, that you’d have to a little crazy to take it at its own game. Well, LG is the right type of crazy and has just unleashed the LG Action CAM LTE which can live stream direct to YouTube without the need of a smartphone, something the GoPro can’t even do yet.
And also LG Friends, Action CAM LTE is actually pretty badass. It has a 12.3 MP camera with 150-degree wide angle lens and UHD recording. Besides LTE live streaming capabilities (the first camera to offer this globally) it also has GPS, an accelerometer and gyroscope. A waterproof case will be arriving later this year in Q3 which will allow you to take it pretty much anywhere. But even without the waterproof case, the IP67-rated Action CAM LTE can apparently handle half an hour of submersion in a meter of water.


LG LTE Action Camera will get you up to four hours of Full HD recording with microSD storage and you can live stream for up to two hours on a single 1,400 mAh battery charge. Naturally, the Action CAM will be launching in South Korea first with Europe and North America following later. There are no exact dates or prices yet, but stay tuned because if LG can match or undercut the GoPro’s hefty price tag, there may just be a new action camera to keep an eye on.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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