How to download Instagram videos?

how to download Instagram videos

Everyone is using Instagram in today’s world after all it’s gone viral among the teenagers. Firstly, we need to know what is Instagram? It is a social networking app or website which allows their users to post photos and videos from their smart phones. It made photography from smart phones a lot popular.  People post by using some hash tags according to their posts. Hash tags makes the post viral on the web and it is owned by great social networking website Facebook.

Instagram restrictions:

In Instagram app, there are two type of privacy for users that are Public and Private account. The user who has applied the private privacy, only his/her followers can able to see his/her posts. Many people want to know how they can save Instagram videos in their hard drive or smart phones. I know a tool which is really help you out from this situation after all it works on every device iPhone, Android Mobile, Tablets, iPad or Laptop.

Now I am going to tell you now how you can download Instagram private account videos from your personal computer. All you need is a browser and of course an Instagram account.

Method to Download Instagram Videos:

Step 1 – You need to log in to Instagram from your computer by using any browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can use any type of browser which you use daily.

Next is Step 2 – After logging in to your account, go to the profile of private account user and then open the video in new tab which you want to download and you will see the URL of video, just copy the full URL.

An then Step 3 – Go to

Easy one is Step 4 – Now, scroll down to download section, you will see the text box then paste the copied URL in it then hit download button.

Last one Step 5 – After that, you will be redirected to download page, from here you can download your video. I just shared a simple trick this will help you a lot. So, this is how to download Instagram videos of private and also you can download public account videos.

Irfan Munir

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