How Data Security Mistakes Can Kill Your Business

How Data Security Mistakes Can Kill Your Business

What role does Data Security play in the modern business world? In actuality, data security is not exactly the number one priority for a large number of organisations. Every company favors continuous business operation as compared to investing in data security systems or carrying out methodical investigations into every little episode or exposure.

However, this does not mean that data security does not feature into the scheme of things in organisations. On the contrary, a number of businesses, both large and small, often have a false sense of security with regards to data pilferage or infringement. They do not comprehend just how much destruction a single data breach can impact them: legal upheavals, mammoth rectification fees, monumental reputation slap, disadvantageous PR and loss of business. These are some of the things that an organisation will have to face in case of a data security breach. For small and medium-sized businesses, a data security breach could risk them going out of business entirely.

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While there is, in all likelihood, not a single organisation in the industry today that entirely dismisses data security, even more grievous is underestimating the degree of peril that can lead to data security risks accumulating until eventually a devastating hit takes place. Eventually, a lackadaisical approach to data security can ultimately kill a business.

What is being involved in Data Security:

Meticulous strategy is the fundamental element of efficient cyber security: it earmarks the arrangement of requisite processes for discerning and analyzing decisive security events.  Exhaustive risk appraisal and intelligent prioritization are two principal factors that establish a foundation of a productive security programme. Unfortunately, a number of organisations base their data security functions mainly on matters such as compliance essentials, IT staff testimonials, or even mainstream hearsay, eventually neglecting to raise a precise holistic data security scheme that would conform to organisational needs. Consequently, such companies are often deficient in fundamental security measures, such as an official security protocol and redressal plan, not to acknowledge long-term data security objectives.

How to avoid data breaches:

In order to avoid data breaches and build a strong benchmark for robust and efficient data security, every organisation must put in place a stringent data security system while ensuring that it takes the specifics of the particular organisation into account. Some important ways of ensuring that this task becomes effortless while making results more effective:

  • Evaluate risks: evaluating risks can allow an organisation scrutinize the existing state of data security while providing requisite details on how to continue further with carrying out the next steps in data security.
  • Assign a priority: it is important to discern which vulnerability is a major one, and which one is not. Data security is an ongoing procedure and his extremely critical to understand how to assign a priority to specific things over another. Prioritizing helps in shining risk assessment. Doing so can help in discovering which parts at most susceptible to danger thus ensuring a particular part is given a higher priority than the other.
  • Staying grounded: it is important to ensure that any plans and measures put in place are realistic and can be easily implemented. Data security policies and incident response plan should be formulated based on staff who can understand and enforce them when required.

One of the gravest data security mistakes that any organisation can make is to underestimate the vulnerability of the organisation towards data security breaches and damage that it will do to the business. With extremely critical to meticulously and continuously keep working to strengthen data protection from insider as well as outside of threats and ensure that all forms of data stay safe at all times.

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The article was contributed on behalf of Locklizard, a digital rights management company. They provide document security products for e-books, PDF files and other documents.

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