iOS 11 is addition of Jailbreak Tweaks copied by Apple from Cydia

iOS 11 is addition of Jailbreak Tweaks copied by Apple from Cydia

Apple on Monday announced iOS 11 their upcoming mobile OS on WWDC 2017 which is the biggest update by Apple coming this fall. iOS 11 is expected to be released along with Apple’s upcoming flagship device iPhone 8. But in my point of view iOS 11 is just an addition of few Jailbreak Tweaks copied by Apple from Cydia which allows user to customize their iPhone the way they want.

iOS 11 Gimmicks and Tidbits…

Some noticeable changes in iOS 11 are High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) replaces JPEG on the Camera enhancement front. In the result aiming to both reduce size and, incredibly enough, improve picture quality. Low-light performance and optical image stabilization also getting noticeable refinements. The Photos app can recognize different events (weddings, sports matches) in your Memories thanks to machine learning. Moreover you can share your saved Wi-Fi passwords with your friends with the help of new OS.

A so called major redesign (which is actually a Jailbreak Tweak) is coming to your boring old Control Center. Presumably which turns into a single, tall page of widgets supporting 3D Touch for extra controls. The Lock Screen and Notification Center are merged together which looks ugly. Finally the Maps application includes indoor navigation which looks useless initially.

Why someone needs augmented reality when you can get detailed floor plans of selected US malls and airports. All in the “standard” version of iOS 11, alongside speed limits and lane guidance during navigation?

Is it over…

But wait, there’s more. A “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode automatically detected and activated by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (if you want it, which you should), and a “Shared up next” function added to Apple Music for keeping the party going and splitting DJ duties with friends.

iOS 11 and Apple iPhone 8…

iPhone 8 Concept with iOS 11

This is how iOS 11 will look in upcoming iPhone 8 as far as rumors are concerned. Apple is expected to launch a bezel less Smartphone this fall just like Samsung did in Galaxy S8 and S8 + by introducing edge to edge infinity display.

So folks, this is up to some extent what’s new coming to iOS 11. I hope Apple will sharpen and enhance final build of upcoming iOS. Right now it’s just first developer beta which gives us glimpse of what’s new coming to Apple’s latest and greatest Mobile OS.

Irfan Munir

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