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TechnoMedium is a Production of HyveTech Web Design & Development Company and this Blog is All about Smart Phones & Gadgets News, Views and Reviews and will post about Latest Technology and Gadgets including all Rumors and Arrivals about new Smart phones or any new Technology in World.

TechnoMedium previously known as HyveTech Blog was Founded by Irfan Munir on August 2014 and covers the Intersection of Technology, Science and Internet. Its mission is to offer in-depth reports and long-form feature stories, Breaking News Coverage, Products Information, and Internet Community Content in a single and cohesive manner. TechnoMedium is Ultimate Technology Blog powered by WordPress, Modern and Best Blog Tool that is widely used World Wide.

Man Behind TechnoMedium

Irfan Munir

Irfan Munir is CEO and Founder of TechnoMedium and moreover a Tech Geek, He have been in Tech Blogging industry for past few years and in personal life he is A Muslim, Computer Science Graduate and Technology Enthusiast who Wants to Change The World Like Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple Did by creating some innovative thing.

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